Banished, Vanished, Tarnished and Varnished

To Boldly Go

Here's a piece by Duncan recorded initially for a Spanish Radio Station and now shared with the world.

Untitled Piece

Steve says "Here's a mysterious and unexplained piece by Duncan, who randomly bestowed it upon us a week or two ago....we think it's new!"

Untitled Piece
March 2006

Steve says "'s a trio space rock work out from 3rd March 2006!"

Cm Improv Late 2008 (Trimmed)
Late 2008

A new contribution unearthed by Duncan, from late 2008 and featuring Martin Archer on Soprano Sax, a pastoral little number from the preparation for that year's E-Live.

Cherry Door
February 2009

This piece was completed in February 2009 as part of the Time and Motion sessions but never used because of its stylistic inconsistency with the rest of the album. Based on a piece composed by Martin Archer, it took RMI into unique territory and is a very interesting diversion from the norm, featuring Gary on acoustic guitar recorded on the sofa at the Greenhouse.

16th March 1995

This was recorded at Northern Echo on March 16th 1995 by Steve and Duncan shortly before loading the gear into Tim/Jim's camper van and setting off across London to Camden Town to play at the Monarch with Adrenal.

Mother Sky
12th March 2004

In the first in a regular series of free downloads, here we find ourselves in the big room at The Greenhouse a couple days ahead of our first encounter with that Damo Suzuki. As it turned out on the night, our lovingly recreated version of Can's Mother Sky was surplus to requirements and we instead improvised the whole 90 minute set down at The Night and Day in Manchester.

The Road To Zabriskie Point

35 years ago this month (July 2015), three 17 year old lads were using their college summer break wisely by writing and recording music. 16 years later they were in a studio in London recording a session for broadcast based on the same music for the MTV Europe channel. Here for the first time is the full audio from both sessions, presented as 3 discs worth of music. Also newly released for the first time are more early explorations in the form of The Shuttle Album

Both are available for download now!

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