Steve Dinsdale : Within Oirschot
[Download: Released August 2012: Northern Echo Recordings : NE 034]
Steve Dinsdale: Within Oirschot (2012)

1. The Vast Key 1 > The Vast Key 2 (9:46)
2. Pandora > Wright On > Fanfare (20:17)
3. A Galaxy Of Dust (15:35)
4. Gone Mission > On The Other Side 1 > Theremin > On The Other Side 3 (24:56)
5. The Vast Key 5 (4:21)

Recorded 28 April 2012, The Enck Theatre, Oirschot, The Netherlands; the concert showcased Steve Dinsdale's solo work to date, reworked, resequenced and remixed for live performance. Steve plays Keyboards and V-Drums to bring a new perspective and freshness to pieces appearing on his three solo albums.

The 75 minute concert appears here in it's entirety, (including Steve's stage announcements, and the odd `blue note') to recreate as closely as possible this, his official solo concert debut.

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