The Clouds Of Titan
[CDR : Released September 2013 : Northern Echo Recordings : NE042]
The Clouds Of Titan (2013)

Recorded at the home of Cyndee Lee Rule & Jeff Nutkowitz
Trevose, PA, 16th May 2013

In memory of Jeff Nutkowitz
1. The Clouds Of Titan (39.09)
2. The Ghost Of Brigantine Beach (37.56)

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MP3 Excerpt:
The Cl ouds Of Titan

The Road To Zabriskie Point

35 years ago this month (July 2015), three 17 year old lads were using their college summer break wisely by writing and recording music. 16 years later they were in a studio in London recording a session for broadcast based on the same music for the MTV Europe channel. Here for the first time is the full audio from both sessions, presented as 3 discs worth of music. Also newly released for the first time are more early explorations in the form of The Shuttle Album

Both are available for download now!

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