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The Clouds Of Titan

This is an album that we hoped would never have to be released. When we were on tour in the USA back in May, we did a very special living room concert at the home of Cyndee Lee Rule (who has worked with us in the past) and her husband, Jeff Nutkowitz. Jeff was battling pancreatic cancer...and it was that disease that took him away from us on July 8th. Originally broadcast on the Gagliarchives Radio Show (thank you Tom for coming up with the titles of these tracks), we decided to release this album in Jeff's memory.

The profits from this album will go to one Jeff's favorite charities. He was a fan of ours and loved space rock as much as anyone could. We know it's not much, but it's the least we could do to give back to someone who has done so much for space and progressive rock. Sssssssssssspace....

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