September 22, 2018

RMI Newsflash

Following the expanded release of E-Live 2008, Steve is resting up at home. This is however not due so much to the administrative demands of a new release, but to recovery from a quadruple heart bypass operation which he successfully underwent on Monday. I'm sure you'll join us in wishing him well !

Steve hopes to be fit enough to return to action with RMI in early 2019

April 18, 2018

Frozen Republic

now up on our bandcamp site: our first two releases under the radio massacre international monicker: Frozen North and Republic (for those who may not have been born at the time they came out!) Also for the first time, the uncut version of Retinal hour and seven minutes !

March 7, 2018

The Music Machine

Steve was recently asked by a radio contact of his if he would consider making a weekly feature of some concert extracts from Radio Massacre International's career. John Leith who runs the excellent Music Machine Scotland station had heard RMI via Facebook and offered Steve the chance to create a series of features to follow the regular Thursday night shows on The Music Machine from one of RMI's early DJ heroes Brian Anderson, who they grew up listening to on their local station; an honour which Steve was happy to accept on behalf of the band.

Over the 12 editions in this first series, Steve has delved into the archives and recorded his reminiscences by way of introduction to each piece, to give it context and sometimes amusing insight into the circumstances of each recording. The versions presented here are especially adapted to fit a loose 25-30 minute programme format, so in some cases there are brand new edits, and even a couple of previously unreleased pieces lurking in there.

Hopefully you'll find these an entertaining set of programmes to listen to as we take a fresh look back upon the history of Radio Massacre International from a distance of in some cases 20 years or more.

collect the set and impress your friends!

radio massacre international's sound defies categorization it is more magical than musical. the music is, first and foremost, improvisational. it is loose in structure but also searching. r.m,i. is all about generating the happy accidents that occur at the ever-changing intersection of multiple moving bodies. when two sequences converge fascinating things happen opening rhythmic and textural options that just moments before were closed to view. it is the creation and exploration of those options that dominates what r.m,i. does in its music.