June 19, 2017
New Live RMI!

New previously unreleased music and footage of RMI at The Gatherings in Philadelphia, from their last trip to the USA ! Enjoy ! Bandcamp goodies to come !

May 19, 2017
Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere : θ3

Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere: θ3

Discus Music is proud to present θ3, the third release by the improvising rock group Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere, a 7 piece outfit (including our own Steve Dinsdale) referencing the music of Jazz, Prog and Krautrock with a contemporary electronic edge. This third double CD showcases the core band at their best: innovative improvisation, haunting hypnotic grooves and blasts of sheer exuberance. It has been simmering since 2015, when bass and drums laid down inspiring rhythms and a day's recorded improvisations in the studio led to a collection of infinite complexity and powerful pieces. This time round the band have been augmented by strings and trombone and it is a project on a big scale with a more defined band feel. The 20 tracks are an enticing mixture of improvisations and composed pieces each complete in themselves but combining to make an astounding whole.

Steve says that "My participation in OUA is very different from Radio Massacre International on most levels, but what we both have in common is a belief in the magic of improvisational interaction in order to create new music. The personalities and instrumentation contributing to both bands differ widely, therefore the music does too, but what they both have in common is a belief in creating genuine exploratory sounds outside of the confines of commercial considerations. For me on a personal level, making music also engenders great friendships and I hope that comes across too. I see this third excursion by OUA as a positive, colourful and bright experience. Hope you will too!"

Please visit discus-music.co.uk for ordering details.

December 19, 2016
City 21: The Sessions

Just published on Bandcamp: City 21: The Sessions 4CD set

Recorded over an intensive four day period 15-18/02/08, this music represents a consciously different approach to music making for RMI. We had recently been commissioned to write a film score for Chris Zelov and the Knossus Project's 'City 21' and approached all of the music over that weekend with this project in mind.

It is representative of somewhat of a creative arc for RMI, fresh from the release of Rain Falls In Grey, a successful November 2007 trip to the USA under our belts, with a return visit on the horizon to play NEARfest in the coming May.

Most of the music was later cut to fit specific scenes in the film, and was represented as a single disc selection of highlights on the CD release of 2011. These four discs represent a more thorough exploration of the music made, with extended versions of certain themes as recorded at the time.

Also published is a reissue of our 2008 taster album Fast Forward, now available at a giveaway price of just £2.

Do Electric Sheep Dream Of Space Rock?

This hour long collage of Radio Massacre International material consists of previously unreleased material from various sessions between 2003-15, and might be seen as their version of `The Faust Tapes' in its construction. Endlessly fascinating, playing as a continuous suite, it is an unpredictable journey through many of the places RMI have found themselves in whilst working and improvising together.

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