June 23, 2015
Live Show Annoucement + New Track Available (Kinda...)

RMI will play the B-Wave festival in Belgium on 14th November 2015. We are proud to be invited to an event which has played host to many top line artists over the last few years.

And in the meantime, there is a brand new hour long RMI piece available for streaming which we put together for the ultra cool Velvet Sheep website, our tribute to the Greenhouse in Stockport which had been our base for some fifteen years, and has sadly now been sold off for no doubt less than artistic purposes....this is a composite of previously unreleased snapshots of our time there. We don't know if it will ever be released on CD or anything, so grab it while you can ! Get it here...

April 2, 2015
Gary guests on Martin Archer/Julie Tippetts album

Gary has annouced that work he did last year with Martin Archer and Julie Tippetts is finally seeing the light of day.

Gary says that "I am pretty pleased with the results - it goes to show that a man and a strat can make a contribution even on some pretty complex, jazz leaning material." Martin goes on to say that ...we'd like the listener to think of this work as being part of a lineage which builds not just on all the music we've both made over the last decades, but which might also include major statements such as Centipede's Septober Energy, Soft Machine's Third, or Carla Bley's Escalator Over The Hill. That's the scope we're chasing."

Head on over to the Discus Music website for sound samples and a place to purchase the new release.

February 6, 2015
RMI to perform at Awakenings

RMI are pleased to announce their return to live performance at Awakenings in Burton On Trent, UK on Saturday 17th October 2015. Further information can be found on the Awakenings website.

February 6, 2015
Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere Review

The second Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere album has been gaining plaudits in the UK press including this glowing review from `Prog' magazine. Steve Dinsdale is a core member of OUA and plays drums and Keyboards on the album. Hear extracts and order here.

The genre-defying UK outfit whip up a storm.

Martin Archer’s UK ensemble have a tune called The Breaking Of The Bonds & The Rearrangement Of The Atoms, and this nicely sums up their distinctive sound. The juxtapositions on their new double-disc set make for a startlingly fresh experience. It opens with an echo-saturated maelstrom of strings, percussion and squalling electronics that wouldn’t sound out of place in a 70s Italian slasher flick. From the chaos, the album stretches into an irresistible suite encompassing wiry retro synth, snagging beats, thudding caustic funk, murmuring chorales and dreamy intervals. Experimental and yet accessible and melodic, the core octet’s soaring themes are added to by a string quartet and a hugely dramatic 20-piece choir. It could all be an indulgent clutter, but fastidious, disciplined arrangements ensure that an aura of saturnalian extravagance is maintained well throughout. Connections to psychedelic Krautrock and Terry Riley trippiness stoke the smoky exoticism pervading an album of world-class music. This Orchestra’s raggedly eclectic brilliance deserves a wider hearing.

The God Of Electricity Expanded: Part 1

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'The God Of Electricity', RMI have returned to the original tapes and compiled an expanded version which now doubles the length of this landmark RMI album.

Order yours today!

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