October 20, 2015
Quick News Update

RMI made their return to live performance at The Awakenings on Saturday 17th October performing a largely improvised 90 minute set. Thanks to all who attended and gave us so much encouragement and enthusiasm. We had a great few days plugging back in and rediscovering the old magic....

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Now, on to Belgium and the B-Wave Festival on Saturday November 14th.

Hope to see some of you there !

July 14, 2015
Two new Bandcamp Releases!

The Road To Zabriskie Point
One of Radio Massacre International's pivotal works `Zabriskie Point' is now featured in an expanded edition on Bandcamp. For the first time the studio sessions leading up to their MTV co-host in 1996, (and subsequent `Zabriskie Point' album), are released in full. Also making its debut in audio form are performances and out-takes from the MTV session, and to round the set off there is a newly unearthed and restored session from 1980, featuring the original recording of `Zabriskie Point' made by Duncan, Gary and Steve when they were just 17 ! From a home studio in Teesside, to a TV studio in Central London and air time on MTV Europe...we present `The Road To Zabriskie Point'.

The Shuttle Album
An early foray into space-rock, this album really is like nothing else in the RMI catalogue. Spontaneously created during the space shuttle expedition of 1981, it stands alone as a one-off. Featuring echo guitar, copicat drums, descant recorder and the Duncan Goddard single delay Roland SH1000 technique, as well as found tapes, dialogue and unsuspecting studio guests. Somewhat anarchic in spirit, it never the less takes shape as the album progresses and features some fine passages of primitive space music, amid the fearlessness of youthful experimentation.

June 23, 2015
Live Show Annoucement + New Track Available (Kinda...)

RMI will play the B-Wave festival in Belgium on 14th November 2015. We are proud to be invited to an event which has played host to many top line artists over the last few years.

And in the meantime, there is a brand new hour long RMI piece available for streaming which we put together for the ultra cool Velvet Sheep website, our tribute to the Greenhouse in Stockport which had been our base for some fifteen years, and has sadly now been sold off for no doubt less than artistic purposes....this is a composite of previously unreleased snapshots of our time there. We don't know if it will ever be released on CD or anything, so grab it while you can ! Get it here...

The Road To Zabriskie Point

35 years ago this month (July 2015), three 17 year old lads were using their college summer break wisely by writing and recording music. 16 years later they were in a studio in London recording a session for broadcast based on the same music for the MTV Europe channel. Here for the first time is the full audio from both sessions, presented as 3 discs worth of music. Also newly released for the first time are more early explorations in the form of The Shuttle Album

Both are available for download now!

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